Hello world!

It’s honestly been a long while since I’ve last decided to go crazy and start blogging. To be frank with you, writing has never been an easy feat for me. I usually have something great to say but written word and spoken word are two distinct things and my forte would mostly be the latter.

Nevertheless, here I am.

I’ve decided to get back into it because no skill just comes to you. Practice is required. I will probably have a couple of really amateur-ish posts written for a bit but I am determined that with regular writing, I’d get a hang of it and eventually own it. All I need is motivation and the universe to conspire!

A couple of things I’d like to get out there to start this off:

  1. Back posts from my previous WordPress blog will be migrated here. There are only a few of those but best to house them all in one site so it doesn’t come off as a total waste.
  2. My new blog will focus on 3 key areas for now- Pensées, Food and Geekery.
    • Pensées – Translated to English, this French word means “thoughts”. I wanted to space to be able to share my daily life musings and brain pickings. Random thoughts will often come across my mind and its what usually sparks a whole bigger idea. I’d love to share that with all of you.
    • Food– Likely a self-explanatory one. I am a foodie by heart and the art of food truly excites me. I think it is enough motivation for me to write about so I definitely need to include it here. I may even include some home recipies I have tried so you can call get on-board with happily cooking with me.
    • Geekery – The nerd in me never dies. Games, TV shows, movies and even geeky fan theories are some of the things I’d like to have on this one. I also am considering migrating some content I have created during my Twitch steaming days and convert it into something useful for this blog.
  3. I will do my best to commit to having 1-2 blog posts every week (Universe, y’all can get back at me on this! Call me out if I don’t!)

If any of these interests you or if you have any suggestions for the further improvement of this blog, feel free to leave a comment!

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I am ecstatic to get this up and running and I hope you are too. Until the next. Au revoir!


Special thank you to my lovely boyfriend for designing my new logo for me. Je t’aime!

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