The caffeine-injected game that warms the heart

Picture this.

Work had just ended. It’s late. You are greeted by a cold, rainy evening.

You look for a place of comfort and soltitude to get away from the chaos of the day.

You find this tiny quaint cafe, still open on a late evening. It’s not crowded at all.

A single barista greets you and attempts to make you a personalized comfort drink of your liking to ease the woes of a long hard day.

This is exactly the feels exuded by the indie game Coffee Talk, a homebrew of an Indonesian gaming company named Toge Productions.

In this game, you play as a barista/owner of a small coffee shop that opens at the wee hours of the night and has become safe haven to an array of diverse characters—each bringing life to the coffee shop with their rather colorful stories.

Beautiful graphics with a chill lofi musical ambiance

Heavy on storytelling, the game allows you to grow with the characters. It’s not a suprise that fanbases for particular characters have already popped up even though only the demo has been released.

Now, even if a storytelling game isn’t your cup of tea (or caffeine lol), you’d be delighted to know that Coffee Talk includes fun moments in between the sequences where you get to play barista and make coffee or any handcrafted beverage for your customers. Discover new drinks and get creative with latte art — all this and more awaits you! (Just don’t get too butthurt like me when the game judges your awful art lol)

You can have a look at the demo I’ve played recently over at Twitch:

Watch my demo run provided by Toge Productions (thank you!)

The full game releases on January 29, 2020. You can find it on PC and consoles:

HumbleBundle (via RaizberryMarie Humble Bundle Partner link)


Switch (digital and physical game)

To learn more, visit the official website at

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